Eaglestone Technology Inc, est. 1993

  Eaglestone Technology Inc.'s (ETI) focus has been mold and die design, manufacturing, repair, prototyping and spare tooling programs. We also specialize in precision machined parts - tooling and gauges to jigs and fixtures; R&D projects and prototype development.

  What is a canvas without an artist? The same thing a great machine shop is without an experienced and knowledgeable staff - worthless! Not only does Eaglestone have a great shop, but we also have the most capabale workers in the business. Meet our staff!

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"Is to maintain a desired specified quality of products and service. The quality and service is the satisfactory composite of all features and attributes that satisfy the needs and expectations of a customer."

Overview of Capabilities

Eaglestone Technology Incorporated is an innovative machining company. We focus in high-speed production machining, precision tooling and special machinery for manufacturing industries throughout the United States. Our company can take a short or long term run from prototype to the finished product, while meeting the proposed deadline.